About IOLS-Commentary

IOLS-Research is expanding the scope of its newsletter with the addition of the Commentary to website and newsletter. Commentary seeks to encourage academics, students, activists & unionists to write short articles on issues and topics that they deem to be socially relevant.

Part of IOLS-Research’s tradition of producing and disseminating accessible labour knowledge for trade unions & their communities, Commentary seeks to move one step further in challenging the community to write engaging articles on a variety of socio-economic and political issues, without academic rhetoric or verbose.

We aim to provide a platform especially for young scholars to express their opinion and insight, offering an opportunity to write about issues and themes related to their personal research or on issues in their surrounding community, locality or world. Commentary aims to publish articles every week on the IOLS-Research website and weekly newsletter which is sent to academics, students, organizations and unions all across the globe.

No subject taboo. No issue sacred. Just keep it snappy at 800 words.

Click on the navigation on the left hand side to find previous & current articles

Send all queries and contributions to Azad Essa, email: essa@ukzn.ac.za


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