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Point Blank by Shubnum Khan

June 10, 2008



Crisis…What Crisis?

May 26, 2008

Focus on Xenophobia
Crisis…what crisis?
by David Bullard

Before I got axed from the Sunday Times I wrote a couple of columns commenting on President Mbeki’s rather dismissive attitude towards Zimbabwean immigrants. He once made a remark along the lines of ”they are here so get used to it”. I argued that we owed Zimbabweans fleeing from a despotic regime rather more than that. Unless they were absorbed into society, given identity documents and their talents utilized we were in for big trouble.

Governments don’t like to be told what to do by journalists and that’s partly why I am no longer writing for the Sunday Times I suspect and why I am unable to find employment with any other newspaper.

I take no delight in being proven right over these past two weeks. The mayhem in the informal settlements is reminiscent of the 1980’s with the difference that in the 1980’s people were fighting for their freedom. That still didn’t excuse the necklacings and the kangaroo courts set up to decide if somebody was guilty of being a ”traitor”. Today’s situation is altogether more frightening and irrational.

Or is it?


2010: Trading on an uneven playing field

May 15, 2008


2010: Trading on an uneven playing field

    by Quraisha Daya


Margaret Ntuli* could not make enough money today, to afford transport home. As a street trader at Durban’s beachfront selling handmade crafts and curios, business is often so dismal, that many of her nights are spent sleeping on the callous asphalt in fear of patrolling policemen who have chased her away many times before. While the country eagerly awaits the 2010 World Cup and an escalation in revenue due to the anticipated boom in tourism, Margaret Ntuli is not as enthusiastic about the event, ‘I don’t think I will benefit from the world cup,’ she says, ‘everyone just bypasses us – it is only the big businesses that will make money.’


Slice of Life by Quraisha Daya

March 13, 2008

Is 2010 all about stadiums?

March 13, 2008


Is 2010 all about the stadiums?

by Siyanda Nombika