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Xenophobia: Reasons for the impeding crisis

June 12, 2008

Focus: Xenophobia in South Africa
Reasons for the impeding crisis

By Patrick Craven

The recent shocking spate of murderous attacks on foreign residents has rightly dominated both the media and the academic world. IOLS Research has already made an important contribution to the debate around the causes of this outbreak of violence.
What is becoming clear is that there is no consensus on the underlying reasons for the problem and the debate will doubtless continue. I would like to focus on one particular attempt to identify the reasons – an article on 30 May 2008 in Independent Newspapers by veteran journalist Allister Sparks. He puts the blame on the interaction of two failed government policies – one caused by the old ANC leadership and the other, as
he puts it, at least partially by the new.


Worker’s Labour Matters

May 15, 2008


Workers’ Labour Matters

     by Patrick Craven


Patrick Craven is the National Spokesperson of COSATU. This is his address at the IOLS-Research/CCS Workers Festival at UKZN on May 7 2008



Racism illustrates warped power dynamics

March 12, 2008

Racism illustrates warped power dynamics

    by Patrick Craven