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People, Energy, Food, Environment: The Crisis of Ideas

May 15, 2008


People, Energy, Food, Environment: The Crisis of Ideas

     by Noel Chellan

 Historically defined progress encapsulated in quantifiable indicators, the dominant of which is the Gross National Product, has to be debunked in the face of the energy crisis, the food crisis, the environmental crisis, the unemployment crisis, the safety and security crisis and the many other unwarranted crises that seem to overflow from the womb of capitalist development. Actually, the crisis that we are burdened with, is a crisis of ideas, in so far as it is these ideas that define and inform how people, energy, food and the environment intersect with each other.

Noel Chellan is a lecturer at the School of Sociology & Social Sciences.


Editorial- South Africa is not immune to food riots

April 8, 2008


South Africa is not immune to food riots

      By Azad Essa


The latest fad doing the rounds these days: hints on how cash strapped South Africans ought to save, well, cash. In these particularly harsh economic times where $1 will buy you up to three loafs of bread in Harare, but just one loaf and perhaps a couple of chappie bubble gum in Durban – even Black Economic Empowerment candidates have asked their rock star wives to take it easy on the SUV pedals. So has the meltdown finally begun?




The Power of Food and Fuel

April 8, 2008
The Power of Food and Fuel
   by Shafinaaz Hassim
On a recent trip to Malawi the social scientist in me could not help but notice how far advanced the country was in relation to South Africa in terms of power failures, regal fuel prices and ludicrous inflation rates. And, with wry abandonment, I quickly realised the folly of not taking into consideration that we might be following in hot pursuit of such trends.