The Plight of Tutors at UKZN: Whose the culprit?

The plight of tutors at UKZN: who is the real culprit?
by Percy Ngonyama

As tutors engage in rigorous debate about the super exploitation of their cheap labour, they should be wary not to succumb to ‘divide and rule’?the boss’s very effective dirty strategy? blaming fellow victims. Getting up and standing up for their labour rights are long overdue for tutors at UKZN.

The prospect of withholding of labour power should be seriously looked into.
As our experience, past and present, will tell us, sometimes, this is the only language bureaucrats understand.

Percy Ngonyama is a MA student and a Tutor in the Department of Historical and
Internet Studies.


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One Response to “The Plight of Tutors at UKZN: Whose the culprit?”

  1. Yajiv Haripersad Says:

    It is very nice to see that a lot of attention has been created around the issue of tutorship at UKZN. However statements like “the students, simply do not have the means and the ‘know how’ to exploit” do not capture the essence of analysing working conditions and exploitation. Please see the article in this edition of the newsletter on NOCWAL

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