Is Government nurturing Xenophobia?

Focus on Xenophobia
Is Government nurturing xenophobia?
by Steven Gordon

The recent wave of extreme xenophobic violence only serves to highlight a trend that has been developing within South Africa since the dawn of our celebrated democracy. For over a decade, state officials, law enforcement personnel and ordinary citizens have participated in abuses, frequently violent abuses, against foreigners. These abuses were, more often than not, sanctioned or at least ignored by the legitimate guardians of constitutional law.

Xenophobia, in South Africa, is not based on conflicting ethnicities but rather on the position of the immigrant before the law and lawmaking bodies. This moves beyond the law’s failed promise to protect immigrants and rests with the treatment of foreigners in the eyes of the law.


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2 Responses to “Is Government nurturing Xenophobia?”

  1. durbancrisis Says:

    Thank you for posting this thoughtful article. Those of us working in Durban are certainly seeing how little government is willing to do to help the current crisis, as they leave the burden firmly on the shoulders of civil society. Once the crisis eases, we shoul not start to think that it is all over. As your article suggests, we have work to do at very high levels if this is not to happen again.

  2. Azad Essa Says:

    sure guys, keep on the wonderful work on yourside!

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